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Dynamic Reporting

The dynamic reporting enables you to configure chosen assessments. Though you can define, which information und which columns in the report are displayed.

You can move the position of single columns and of single lines in a colum easy via drag and drop. Thus you position to your requirements.

In certain dynamic reports you get a drill down report by clicking the user name. Drill down reports represent a refinement of the present report.

If there’s no filter of the user status (if active, inactive or both) in the corresponding dynamic report, that dynamic report filters active and inactive users.

You can open a report by clicking on the report icon on your dashboard in the footer. Choose next the report category and then the subcategory. Now you can select single report of this category and you can open them via the show button.

Choice of a dynamic report

Depending on the report you get single filter options listed in the next step. Entries in mandatory filters are mandatory, because without them you can’t open the report. The optional filters are meaningful, because they restrict the amount of data. Thus shortens the loading time and gives you a better overview of the report because of less data. To simplify your choice Avendoo® completes your entry automatically (suggestions) when entering the filter division, group and OU.

Suggestions for the filter division, group and OU

When you have set the favored filter, you can choose below report columns the columns and details which you want to see in the report. You can arrange individually the single columns via drag and drop.

Following you click down right on Show to open the report directly in Avendoo®. Via the small arrow beneath the button you can export the report optional as pdf, Excel, Word, PowerPoint or CSV. After opening the report in Avendoo® you can furthermore export via these buttons; you find them now above the report.

Export dynamic report

Dynamic reports for authors

Dynamic reports for team leaders