Avendoo® online documentation

Examples for filter adjustments

If a report subscription is created and the report uses the time period filter (starting and end date), then the dates are newly set at each report creation for the subscription.

You can enter in the area “Filter adjustments” a reference value for the time period filter (in the settings of the subscription of favorites). Via the reference value and the values of the date filters the delta value (see table) is calculated. This value will be combined with the execution date of the subscription. Thus the time period filter automatically adjusts.

Furthermore you can leave the filter “Start date” fixed in a value in the report filters. Then this value won’t be adjusted regarding the execution date. The time period, which is used in the report, will grow with each execution of the subscription.

You find here now some examples of report subscriptions with various configurations, which are performed once a month:

ExampleStar-ting date filterEnd date filterSub-scrip- tion Re-ference valueDelta days star-ting dateDelta days end dateSup-press star-ting date filterTo-do dateStar-ting date filter on to doEnd date filter on to do
The last 30 days since execution06/01/201906/30/201907/01/2019-30-1No08/01/201907/02/201907/31/2019
The last 30 days since execution06/01/201906/30/201907/01/2019-30-1No09/01/201908/02/201908/31/2019
The last 30 days since execution06/01/201906/30/201907/01/2019-30-1No10/01/201909/01/201909/30/2019
The last 30 days since execution06/01/201906/30/201907/01/2019-30-1No11/01/201910/02/201910/31/2019
The next 30 days since execution06/01/201906/30/201906/01/2019030No08/01/201908/01/201908/30/2019
The next 30 days since execution06/01/201906/30/201906/01/2019030No09/01/201909/01/201909/30/2019
The next 30 days since (execution plus 31 days)06/01/201906/30/201905/01/2019+31+60No08/01/201909/01/201909/30/2019
The next 30 days since (execution plus 31 days)06/01/201906/30/201905/01/2019+31+60No
Eva-luate since June 1st06/01/201906/30/201907/01/2019-30-1Yes07/01/201906/01/201906/30/2019
Eva-luate since June 1st06/01/201906/30/201907/01/2019-30-1Yes08/01/201906/01/201907/31/2019
Eva-luate since June 1st06/01/201906/30/201907/01/2019-30-1Yes09/01/201906/01/201908/31/2019