Avendoo® online documentation


The start page gives an overview of the most recent events in your Avendoo®. You see your current learning units, the event calendar and the most recent messagaes of the Community. You can return from each position in the system if you click on the logo (above on the left side).

Recommendation” represents the learning units, which are new, favored (this means the most booked learning units, which the learner hasn’t booked yet) and similar (this means for each classification value a number is calculated, how often this value is in the already booked learning units of the learner).

Since version 16.4 users can show the classification and the classification values of the course activations via CSS on the Start page and at the learning place. Therefore the author has added the variables “CourseClassificationAndValues” and/or “CourseClassificationValues” on the appropriate course page. Further information about variables you find under courses.

If the author has configured the system setting insuranceDistributionDirective and has activated IDD (IDD is only relevant in Germany) in the course activation or in the rule on participants and the IDD ID exists, the user and and the team leader sees the appropriate IDD status bar. If the user or the team leader clicks on the hours completed (orange area), he/she gets to the page Successes, where IDD relevant training inventory entries are shown filtered. If the user or team leader clicks on the mandatory hours to be completed (light grey area) or hours in processing (dark grey area), he/she gets to the page Catalog, where the IDD relevant learning units are shown filtered.


There are further functions available in the upper area on the right side. You can change your personal profile picture, use the messenger (authors can also use the messenger), change the language, change the user, even user with user, if the user wants to do some training bookings for partners. Further information you find here. Also you can change the personal settings or you can log out.


By sending a private message in the Messenger, there will be sent also an e-mail, if the recipient is not logged in.

Automatic bookmark

Automatic bookmarks are created, when you have edited a learning unit. Thus you can continue the learning in the already started learning units directly from the start page. If user enter the world of learning for the first time, they get the booked, but already not started content of the learning place displayed.

To open a learning unit, click under “Automatic bookmark” on the appropriate title. If you click on “To the learning place”, you get to the page “My learning place”.

Display of the learning progress
The display, which you see on the right side of the course title, shows the current learning progress for this course. The learning progress is rounded down and it always shown that status bar, which was achieved last.


The half filled out status bar symbolizes that are more than 50 per cent of the required learning units of the course are completed, but overall less than 75 per cent are completed.

Last worked on

Shows the date (MM:DD:JJJJ) of last worked on.

Registration required

This icon shows you that the learning unit contains an event, to which you are not already registered.

Time expected to complete

Shows the expected time to complete (h,min) for the learning unit.

My Calendar

My Calendar gives a quick overview of your event dates and also of your “free” event dates (dates, on which you can register).

You get the following information:

  • If you are already registered (green entry)
  • If you are registered and have already joined the event, this means the presence is listed (dark green entry)
  • If you are on a waiting list (yellow entry)

Further you can book overnight stays if applicable via the detail selection, even before the event and you can join virtual events. Further information about virtual classroom you find here.

 Via the arrow keys in the left upper area of the calender you can click forward and back in the months. If you click Today, the current month of the calendar is displayed. If you click on a day, you get into the detailed views of the event calendar.


Detailed view

In the detailed view you can choose between four options:





What’s new…

In the area What’s new you see under News the last Community entries, which you can comment directly. Furthermore you find your Personal pin wall and the pin walls and groups, to which you are added.