Avendoo® online documentation


Gamification enables you to create one or more gamification elements and to assign this or these to the course activation. Thus it is available to the user on the page Successes as a display of bundled points of all gamification elements.

You can check the assignment of the gamification elements in the appropriate course activation in the User wizard of the appropriate user. Furthermore you can display points for each gamification element.

To adjust the level structure of gamification, define the appropriate settings in the system setting gamification.configuration.

Via click on the symbol of the translation area you get into the translation management of the appropriate gamification element.

There are the mass processing functions Copy, Move and Delete for gamification elements. More information about these functions you find under Gamification elements: Mass processing functions.

The following functions are available via the context menu of the appropriate title of the gamification element.

To create a new gamification element, choose Gamification Gamification elements → New gamification element. The wizard Gamification element opens. Then you click on Point account.

Master data


Enter the title of the gamification element.


Enter the teaser of the gamification element.

Choice of language

Stipulate the main language of the gamification element.

Meta data


The meta data is only information for the author. There are no functions linked to it.

Valid from

Select the appropriate date, from which the gamification element should be valid.

Valid until

Select the appropriate date, until the gamification element should be valid.


Enter the version of the gamification element.


Enter the notes for the gamification element.