Avendoo® online documentation


You can do the following actions in the Administration area for authors

  • Create and edit Custom pages
  • Create and edit Campaigns
  • Create and edit Media for use everywhere
  • Define System settings
  • Create, edit and assign Report templates
  • Organize Moves and
  • Execute the Migration import

For further information please contact our Support Team.

At Custom pages you can create individualized 404 error pages or individual course layouts. Furthermore you can create  individual custom pages in the user frontend.

If you use a campaign, it is possible, that users based on his/her country of origin accept for example terms of use. The author has to activate the campaign.

Shows the central media center and the files, which are content of it.

Shows the systemwide possibilities of configuration.

Under Report templates you manage static and dynamic report templates, which you assign to the favored user. You can create only one report template of a static report template, but as many as you want of a dynamic report template.


Management of Moves

For further information please contact our Support Team.

Via the Migration import wizard you can migrate event dates and participants from foreign systems to Avendoo®.