Avendoo® online documentation

Administrator backend

The Administrator backend is a further profound level of your Avendoo® system. You are able to do basic configurations, to create new clients, to recover deleted users and so on. Access to the Administrator backend is available to single users of your system. These large-scale changes require special IT and system knowledge.

For further information please contact your system administrator or your Avendoo® support team.

More components

You define options for clients, users, permission groups and registration codes in the user management.

The systems administration includes the functions Properties, Custom Pages, Campaigns, Media for use everywhere, System settings, Report templates, Migration import and Maintenance Tools.

Gateway administration

The gateway administration includes the SMS push gateway configuration. If you have questions, contact your Avendoo® support team.


Via the server address of your Avendoo® server and the login details of the system administrator you can login into the admininstrator backend. Then the workplace is displayed at first.


There is different status information of the Avendoo® server on your workplace. You find for example the menu item licence user, which informs you about the capacity of your Avendoo® user licences.

The pie chart includes the status information about the cache and therefore provides cache statistics.