Avendoo® online documentation


If you want to plan for new employees in the long term, the reservation is your ideal tool. Herewith you can keep free a place, if it isn’t determined which employee participate or if he/she changes the department. Also on tight available places you can reserve places for underrepresented departments.


If the team leader should make reservations for event dates or runs, there have to be one of the following options in the event: “Substitute participants can be entered till the close of registration” or “Substitute participants can be registered up to the start of the event date or up to”. Otherwise the reservation can not be assigned sucessfully.

To make reservations, the author has to activate the team leader right Make reservation on the tab Functions in the Master data of the user and he/she has to enter a possible number of reservations. Also the author has to set the status Approved of the option Registration conducted by team leader in the participant management of the appropriate course activation.

A reservation is the registration of a pseudo user to an event date. You can use it for organizing event dates for future users.

You can create, assign or cancel a reservation via reservation in Avendoo®.

To get to the reservations, choose Cockpit → Reservations.

You create a new reservation by clicking the button Register of the appropriate event date or run in the dialog window New reservation. The dialog window Reservation opens.


Enter the first and last name of the future employee, for whom the reservation should be made.

Choose the appropriate OE of the future employee. These OEs are shown, for which you are team leader.

Enter the e-mail address for notification. This field is the e-mail address of the team leader per default.

Enter the entry date of the future employee (optional).

Enter a comment (optional). This comment will be saved with the event date registration.


If you want to create more than one reservations, you have to do the following steps:

1. You enter the required data (last name, first name and OU) of the pseudo user and click on the button Save.
You get the message that the registration is saved, but you still have to select an event date for the registration. Note that you can’t register in the tile view.
2. Therefore click on the arrow besides the appropriate reservation and then on Open event date view.
3. Click on the button Register. Only now after the confirmation of the registration the pseudo user is really registered to the event date.