Avendoo® online documentation


In the area successes you get an overview of your learning successes.

If you want to activate the sub tabs Training inventory and Qualification on the page Successes in the user frontend and/or team leader cockpit, contact our support team.

If the author has created one or more gamification elements and has assigned it or them to the course activation and has registered the appropriate user to the course activation, you see here, when the course activation is successfully completed, in the upper area (see second screenshot) your level, your points total and as status bar your already achieved points in the courses, in which you are already registered and how many points are to the next level. Furthermore you can click on the arrow beside Your point summary to show the listed learning units with total points and the date, on which you have received the already achieved points. Also you can click on the arrow beside Further points to collect to show a list with the learning units (linked to the course main page) and points. The display is also dependent on the settings of the level structure in the system setting gamification.configuration.

On the left side you can restrict your selection as usual via filter, at which the filter is fold-in on mobile devices. To download all certificates, you click on the button Download all certificates underneath th filter box. Then you confirm opening with the favored program in a dialog window of your browser. After that opens a dialog window with the available SVG and PDF files.

On the right side you see your completed courses, your earned certifications and an overview of events, which you have attended. Further you can create training inventory, if the author has activated the user right Create training inventory on the tab functions in the User wizard.

The certifications at this page can have the following colored markings:

  • Green: this means they are always valid,
  • Red: this means they are invalid or
  • Orange: this means the expiration of the validity should be shown x days before.

If there are forbidden characters in the certification, for example a stress above an alphabetic character, Avendoo® generates a certification and a training inventory entry for the user, but the PDF file is missing.

If the author has uploaded a preview image in the Course activation wizard (Options -> Preview), there is the appropriate preview image shown on this page.

You see Further evaluations on this page below the page numbers. This list shows you the reports for users.

If the author has configured the system setting insuranceDistributionDirective and has activated IDD (IDD is only relevant in Germany) in the course activation or in the rule on participants and the IDD ID exists, the user and the team leader is shown the graphic Learning time (in hours) of the last five years (see screenshot). Furthermore you can use the filter Relevant to IDD under Type (see screenshot). Also you see in the course box on the left side the number of IDD hours.

Record the training inventory

Here you can enter the training inventory depending on the type (event, course, certification or qualification) and the title, teaser, starting and end date and time, the duration and classifications.

Furthermore you can also create a certification of the type event. You can create a certification or upload a pdf file and/or an image. Therefore enter a certificate title, select the language and enter the validity. Prerequisite is that the author has selected a certification template in the Client wizard.

The time of the certification is always 00:00 a.m.. Except in context with an event the starting time of the certification is the end of the event.

If you choose the type certification, you can enter the certificate serial number, the provider, the provider URL, a comment and/or results under Advanced options. These data will be shown for the author on the sub tab Certifications of the tab Accomplishments in the User wizard of the appropriate user.

Click on Show classifications to enter the classifications. Finally you click on the button Save.

You can delete manually generated entries.


Here you can filter by the title or teaser and you can remove your entry by clicking the X.

Furthermore you can filter by the type, for example event, certification, or by the validity. Both filter you can show or hide by clicking on the arrow.

Sort by

You can sort the list of events, certifications, e-learning items, blended learning items, training plans and qualifications by time (the newest entry is listed first) and alphabetically by the title. In the column Details you see, when for example a certification was received and a link. At events you see in the column Details information about date and time of the participation and the type.


To download an achieved certification again, click on the appropriate line in the table.

To download an earned certification again, click on the appropriate line in the table.