Avendoo® Online Hilfe

Use the messenger

  1. To start a new conversation, click on Start a new conversation or on + besides Contacts.
  2. To display contacts, enter the appropriate name. You get a list with all relevant contacts.
    Anonymized users are marked as anonymized in group chats in contacts. Furthermore you can’t select an anonymized user as chat contact, if you want to open a new chat.
  3. To select the contact for the conversation, click on the appropriate contact. The selected contact appears at the beginning of the list.
  4. To create a new conversation, click on the button Create a new conversation. The selected contact is now listed under Contacts and the input window for writing the message is opened.
  5. Enter the message, insert an emoji if you want via the short cut windows key and point key, also add if required a file and finally click on the Send symbol or use alternatively the shortcut “STRG+Enter”. Then the sent message is shown with date and time.