Avendoo® online documentation

New user

Basically, Avendoo® differentiates two types of users. The user works as learner – in opposite to the author – in his world of learning. Additionally, the user with active team leader settings manages his Cockpit.

To create a new user, choose User management → New user. The User wizard opens.

Master data


You see the information in the upper right blue field:

  • if user data is created or changed via the API interface and
  • the registration code name and its updates inclusively, if the registration code is deleted.

Auto completion

If you maintain manually the user data in Avendoo®, you can configure the auto completion for entering the data. Thus you can do a better structure for your data and you can avoid incorrect data by entering typos. The values are extracted from the database and from a special XML configuration. This configuration is created by Magh and Boppert GmbH.

You can choose between two types of auto completion:

  • strict
    A selection of constant values is shown.
  • loose
    By entering data suggestions are shown; you can enter also new values.

Information about transferring training inventory entries and certifications of an existing user account to a new user account you find on the page “FAQs”.

Supported fields

You can configure the auto completion for the following fields in the User wizard:

Form of address
Defined 10
Defined 11Defined 12
Defined 13
Defined 14Cost center
Company name
Building number
ZIP codeTownCountry
Billing address: CompanyBilling address: Street
Billing address: ZIP code
Billing address: Town
Billing address: Country


Team leader settings

Do the team leader settings by defining that the user


Define the organizational unit of the user and add it by clicking the button Add. If you enter “%” as value, all availables OUs are automatically assigned to the user. Via click on Delete you delete the OUs from the list.

Team leader rights

User rights

Available reports

Select the available reports.


List of selected available reports

Team leader with permission to see me

Shows an overview, who is the responsible team leader.


You see the qualifications, the training inventory and the certifications of the user. You can edit or delete them with the appropriate button at the end of each line.