Avendoo® online documentation


To change your own user data, click on Settings on the top right corner of the Avendoo® interface. The individual tabs and setting options are described successively.

My profile

You can upload your Personal profile picture and you can enter a personal description. The profile picture is also used on all activities in the community.

My data

You can change the whole personal data, for example: your address. To change the password, click on the tab Change password.


Private messages
Do you want that you are notified via audio signal that you have received a new private message? If you don’t want a audio signal, deselect this option and save the new setting.

Community notification
If you want to be notified per e-mail that they are new/unread messages in the community, you can define the frequency of the e-mail.

Community groups
Lists you all groups, which you have joined.

Additionally you can select the option Hide my groups from others. Then other users, who click in the community on your profile picture, don’t see groups of you in the user details.

Personal settings

If the certification data should be available via the interface, set the appropriate check box under Data privacy. Further you can reset all personal settings. This means that for example the filter and table settings are reset to the standard values and information messages are seen again.


General product information of the Avendoo® world of learning. You see the current version, which you use.

Mobile devices

You see all registered mobile devices, which are connected with your user in Avendoo®.


Use the Avendoo® App since version 16.0.