Avendoo® online documentation

Utilization of speakers

This Gantt diagram shows you the utilization of your speaker in the appropriate event dates, whereas the colored marking of the weekend is always set by default. You can show the utilization of a whole month about one day. You can restrict the selection in the Gantt diagram via multiple filter. Further you can sort the diagram by the shown columns if you click on the heading of the appropriate column.

The meaning of the colored marking of the entries you find in the legend below the Gantt diagram. There are conflicts of the event dates and the status of a possible meeting request for example marked.

To display the details of an entry, click on the box of the appropriate entry. You get the title and further information of the event date at the right margin.

To display the time of utilization on a certain day, click first on the month and then on the day. In the left menu window you can restrict or expand the result via different filter. Via the filter Event date template you can restrict the display to these event speakers, who are in a certain event date template. Thus you can check, if all event speakers are available for the planning of an event date.

Activate the filter “Only resources being used”, to restrict the display to the event speakers who are used.

If you display the event dates of the event speakers of the author, there will be shown also the participations of the event dates of the linked user. You find further information about linked users here.

To open the utilization of speakers, choose Event managementUtilization of speakers.
Avendoo® shows the Gantt diagram regarding the utilization of speakers.