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The OU (Organizational Unit) represents the structure of departments and teams in a company. Also the OU can stand for the assignment of branch or customer numbers for users. The author can enter the OU in each user and author accout (User wizard and Author assistant, tab Master data, sub tab Company).

User team leader get via the permission of one or several OUs an overview of other employees (with these OUs) in My cockpit in the team leader cockpit. Thus an user team leader with OU permissions sees several other users, not only himself.

The author team leader in contrast is restricted regarding the OUs. He doesn’t see all users of the clients, to which he is permitted, but only the users from the OUs, to which he is permitted. The author can define in the client, that the superiors are automatically permitted as user team leader to the OUs of their employees.
Furthermore the author can create rules on participants for course activations and training plans with the OU. The OU is nearly in all reports via users or participants as output field and as filter available.