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This function enables the user the bundled display of points for all gamification elements on the page Successes and it enables the author the display of points of single gamification elements on the sub tab Gamification of the tab Accomplishments in the appropriate User wizard.  You can define the settings for the level structure in the system setting gamification.configuration. There are nine levels in the standard configuration. Level 2 starts at 25 points, level 3 starts at 50 points, level 4 starts at 100 points, level 5 starts at 250 points, level 6 starts at 500 points, level 7 starts at 1,000 points, level 8 starts at 2,000 points, level 9 starts at 5,000 points. The limit for level 9 is defined as 10,000 points, but this can the author adjust if applicable. Furthermore the first three levels have got the identifier user.gamification.element.level.title.1 in the standard configuration.