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Remote content activations

 Via the Remote content activations you can activate remote content, created on basis of the content connector, single or all. Otherwise you activate the remote content via Preferences in the Web-based training wizard and integration in a course and finally via course activation. You can show the Remote content activations of type LTI since version 17.39 in the new backend.

Prerequisite for creating and editing and management of the remote content activations are the acess rights Display, create and edit remote content activation and Manage remote content participants, whereas you’ve set the check mark in the Author assistant or in the Permission groups wizard.

The overview table got the columns Title, Participants, Owner, Created and Change date.  If you click on the table header, you can edit the columns via the menu Edit display of columns and order. You can filter the following elements: Title and Include subcategories.

There are the mass processing functions MoveDelete, Change owner and Copy (also into another client) for remote content activations. More information about these functions you find under Remote content activations: Mass processing functions.

The following functions are available via the context menu of the appropriate remote content activation title.

You can use the Result service interfaces and the Score publish service with support by the authentification. Further information you find in the API doc.

Special functions in the new backend
If you got the corresponding User profile with activated new backend assigned in the Author wizard, you see the Remote content activation area like in the second screenshot. Furthermore authors can add Favorites in the new backend by choosing Course management → Remote content activations → Context menu (Right click) → Add to favorites. Then you see on the upper left corner a filled star (see third screenshot), under which the favorites are listed. To remove the favorites, choose Favorite star → Remote content activation → Context menu (Right click) → Remove from favorites.
Additionally, you can change the position of the filter or the category tree by using drag and drop via the six points.
Besides this, it’s possible to switch the category in the overview of the remote content activations. Therefore you select the favored category in the category tree and choose Information → General →  Path (category) in the corresponding context menu. Then you mark the path, copy it into the text editor and copy it after that into the entry field above the overview table. Then you remove the last slash (“/”) and press the Enter key. Now are all remote content activations of this category are shown.


The new rights for activations (course activations and remote content activations) in the Permission group and Author wizard are:
Read, Select,
Change, Create,
Delete (object permission) und
Change external content.

To create a new remote content activation, choose Course management → Remote content activations → New  remote content activation. The Activate Remote content wizard opens.

Master data


Specify the title of the remote content activation.


The teaser is a short text which serves as managing the remote content activation. This text is only visible for the author, too.

Language selection

Specify the language in which the activation is to be written.



The meta data is only information for the author. There are no functions linked to it.

Valid from

Select a date, if the remote content activation has an appropriate validity.

Valid until

Select a date, if the remote content activation has an appropriate validity.


Enter a version description, if the remote content activation has a version.


Enter if applicable some notes for the remote content activation.


App display setting

Specify whether this course activation is always opened in the app in the system browser or if it can also be opened as a WebView. Here, you can determine whether this decision is automatic or whether you make the decision yourself. Select between the following options:

  • Automatic selection
    If you select “Automatic”, the browser is used if the course contains a WBT.
  • Always use the system browser

Language restriction

Specify whether content should only be considered for specific languages. By default, there is no limitation and all the client’s languages are considered.

Remote content

Content connector

Select a content connector for the activation of the remote content by clicking on the button Select the content connector and confirming your selection. All remote content of the content connector is added automatically.

If required, you can remove the content connector via the button Remove.

Remote content

Select remote content for the activatio by clicking the button Select remote content and then confirming your selection.

If required, you can remove the remote content via the button Remove.

Participant management

To get into the Participant management of the remote content activation, choose Course management → Remote content activations → Participant icon (in the line of the favored activation).

To add participants to your Remote content activation, click on the button Add participants.

A dialog window with the following filters opens: User name, Last name, First name, OU, Company name, Street and building number, Postal code, Town, Group, Division, Telephone, Mobile number (business), User profile, Defined 10 – 14, User status (Show all users, Show only active users or Show only inactive users), Superior, Authorization as superior (No restrictions, Superior or No superior), Certifcate not available and Personnel number.

Confirm your selection by clicking the button Select. The selected participants are listed in the Participant management with the columns First name, Last name and E-mail. Via click on the rear wheel you can configure the column view and add the following columns: Country, Registered by, User name, External user reference type, Registered on, Defined 10 – 14, Company name, OU, Telephone, Division, User profile, Mobile number (business), Postal code, Region, Street and building numer, Group and City.

To remove participants in your remote content activation, click on the button Remove participants. Confirm your selection with the button Select. The selected participants are removed from the list.

You can filter in the participant list by the following criteria: User name, first name and last name.

Also you can browse in the participant list.