Web-based training

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A Web-based training (WBT) is a learning program, which is based on technology of the Internet. A WBT in Avendoo® represents a learning content, which allows you to embed learning content, which was generated with other programs. Avendoo® supports outputs of programs, which were generated and directly zipped by SCORM or AICC standard. You can’t use special characters in the file name at the export.

If you add a knowledge test in the WBT, Avendoo® can’t show the knowledge test result, but the information, if the learning unit WBT is completed or incompleted. To evaluate knowledge test results with Avendoo®, which relate to the learning content of the WBT (with requirement “Pass” on the learning path),  you can add a knowledge test in Avendoo®. In this case the processing status will be evaluated specifically.