Avendoo® online documentation

New author

Avendoo® differentiates between four users – the author has got the role of the lecturer in the learning environment.

To create a new author, choose User management → New author.

Master data

Automatic completion

If you edit the user data manually in Avendoo®, you can configure an automatic completion for entering the data. Thus you can structure the data more efficiently and incorrect data, for example caused by typing errors, can be avoided. The values will be taken from the data base and a special XML configuration. This one will be created by Magh und Boppert GmbH.

You can choose between two options of the automatic completion:

  • strict
    A selection of constant values will be shown
  • loose
    While entering the data suggestions will be shown. Also new values can be entered.

Supported fields

You can configure the automatic completion for the following fields in the User wizard:

Defined 10Defined 11Defined 12
Defined 13Defined 14Cost center
Company nameStreetBuilding number
ZIP codeTownCountry
Billing address: CompanyBilling address: StreetBilling address: ZIP code
Billing address: TownBilling addres: Country


Team leader settings

Make the team leader settings by defining that the user

  • is no team leader
  • is team leader of own organizational unit
  • is team leader over the following organizational units

Define the organizational unti of the user and add them via clicking the button Add. If you enter “%” as value, all available organizational units will be assigned to the user. Via the button Delete you delete the OU from the list.

Available reports

Select the appropriate reports for the team leader. Via clicking the arrows you get a compilation of reports.

Access rights

The access rights manage the scope for action. Via appropriate assignment of the rights different task areas are represented. To assign access rights faster, choose a template.

You can assign the following rights:

  • Administration
    • Administration
    • Certificate administrator
  • Reports
    • Show, create and edit report templates
  • Learning content
    • Show learning content
    • Create and edit learning content
    • Show events
    • Create and edit events
    • Feedback: Create overarching questions and designate feedback items template
    • Show and edit questions CSS
  • Organizational rights
    • Show, create and edit course activations
    • Show, create and edit training plans
    • Show, create and edit remote content activation
    • Manage course participants
    • Create general runs in participant management
    • Manage training plans
    • Manage remote content participants
    • Allow deletion of learner’s results
    • Assess course participant
    • Assess essay questions
    • Edit activated event date
  • Event management
    • Access to the event manager
    • All dates: Show event dates
    • All dates: Do deregistrations and registrations
    • All dates: Send invitation
    • All dates: Send a follow-up e-mail and a thank-you e-mail
    • All dates: Record attendances
    • Own event dates: Show event dates
    • Own event dates: Do deregistrations and registrations
    • Own event dates: Send invitation
    • Own event dates: Send a follow-up e-mail and a thank-you e-mail
    • Own event dates: Record attendances
  • User management
    • Show user
    • Create and edit user
    • Import users
    • Display deleted users
    • Delete users permanently
    • Show authors
    • Create and edit author
    • Assign qualifications
    • Show, create and edit registration codes
    • Show, create and edit clients
  • Community
    • Show, create and edit groups
  • Resources
    • Show, create and edit qualifications
    • Show, create and edit design templates
    • Show, create and edit calendar
    • View and edit the VC setting at the location
    • Re-issue certifications
    • Replace certification file
    • Create and edit content connector
  • General
    • Create and edit categories
    • Delete categories
    • Export objects
    • Import objects
    • Show, create and edit keywords
    • Allow editing of all objects regardless of the owner
    • Show, create and edit external subscribers
    • Show, create and edit translations


You can assign further clients additionally to the main client to the author. The main client can’t be deleted. The author gets access to the assigned clients. Choose the clients, which are up to the author, from the available clients on the left side and add them via the arrows or delete them again.

To remove or add clients on other authors, you need access to these clients, this means you need the access right “Show, create and edit clients”.