User-defined fields

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Enables you to individually integrate fields of the types

  • Text field,
    If you need additional fields with only one text entry.
    Example: Enter a target group for an event.
  • Object selection,
    Example: The author with administrative rights (expert for training for example) can define if the author can select between frontend user, author or both in the wizard.
  • Dropdown and
    Example: different levels of difficulty in the course activation (easy, average and difficult).
  • Multiselect.
    Example: benefits in the User Generated Content (UGC) wizard for learning units with different choices (interdisciplinary knowledge, more creativity and/or network enhancement)

in the

Additionally, you can activate the display of the training inventory entries in the overview by setting a check mark on the tab Field options in the wizard User-defined fields.

The following filters and corresponding table entries on the overview pages are available:

  • Events,
  • Event dates,
  • Courses,
  • Course activations,
  • Remote content,
  • My content at the Learning place
  • in the Catalog (only field type Multiselect)
    Activated by the check mark User-defined fields under the catalog filters on the tab Options in the Client wizard. You can individually define streams via the filter function.