Avendoo® online documentation


Materials can be given to participants in events or can be supplied for speakers, for example: beamer, brochures, writing pads.

In the overview (Resources → Materials) you see all already created materials listed by title, owner, creation and change date. Via click on the symbol of the translation area you get into the translation management of the appropriate material. The filter in the left column provides to restrict the view by title or language.

Via the context menu of the appropriate material you get by the menu option Information general information (for example: owner, creation date or material ID), information about the usage (if used in event or event date with path, title and external reference) and information about the history (time and edited by, as the last ten changes are listed).

There are the mass processing functions Copy, MoveDeleteChange owner, and Export for materials. More information about these functions you find under Materials: Mass processing functions.

The following functions are available via the context menu of the appropriate material title.

To create a new material, choose Resources → Materials → New material. The Materials wizard opens.

Master data

Enter the title of the material, for example: writing pad. Define alos the language of the material.


Select the type of material you want. Is it equipment (forklift truck, projector, etc.) or is it supplies (pens, paper, etc.)?


To add a task template, click on the button Add task template, select the appropriate task template and click on the button Select. Once an active event date is created with the material, a task is generated from the template.

To create a new task template, click first on the button Add a task template and then on the button New task template.

Task templates

Task template

You can change the selected task template via the button Change.


You can select the following trigger:

  • Event date activation,
  • Changed food requests,
  • Changed overnight stay bookings,
  • Substitute participants,
  • Registrations,
  • Registration cancellations,
  • Advance on the waiting list,
  • Too few participants,
  • Too many participants,
  • Event date initializing,
  • Event date planning or
  • Event date cancelation.

You define by setting the check box, if the trigger is

  • immediately active or
  • how many hours and days before or after Start of the event date, Registration deadline or Deregistration deadline.

If you have selected the trigger Event date activation, Event date initializing, Event date planning or Event date cancelation, you cannot define Trigger active from, because these triggers are always immediately active from. Via the trigger Event date initializing and Event date planning the coordinator can create and edit tasks, which are before the Event date activiation.
On trigger Event date activation the task is created as the event date status switches from Initialized to Active.
On trigger Event date initializing the task is created as the event date status switches from Planned to Initialized.
On trigger Event date planning the task is immediately created as the author saves the event date and the event date status is Planned.
On trigger Event date cancelation the task is immediately created as the event date status switches from any status to Canceled.

If you have added task templates with the trigger Registrations and Advance on the waiting list and a participant has been moved up from the waiting list and then will be registered by the waiting list, Avendoo® generates a registrations task and when the participant moves up from the waiting list an advance on the waiting list task.

Who is given the task (taks owner)?

Define the responsible person for the task by selecting the appropriate radio button:

  • Coordinator of the event date
  • Owner of the event (event creator)
  • Selecting an author
    Therefore click on the button Select, select the appropriate author and finally click Select.

Due date

Define the due date of the task in dependance of the event date start in this format:

  • Hours
  • Days

Addtionally you select, if the due date of the task is

  • before the start of the event date, registration deadline or deregistration deadline or
  • after the start of the event date, registration deadline or deregistration deadline

Via click on the button Delete you can delete the task assignment.


Assign calendar

Assigned calendars

Assign one or more calendars (for example: a calendar for national holidays and another calendar for regional holidays) to each material by clicking the button Add and selecting the appropriate calendar. You can remove the assigned calendar again if applicable.

Add calendar days

If the usage of the material should be blocked more than the days of the assigned calendars, you can add further single days. These days are only assigned to the material and are not assigned to a calendar. Therefore enter the appropriate data in the fields Designation, Starts at and Ends at and finally click on the button Add.


Enter a designation for the days, which you add.

Starts at

Select a date in the first field and time in the second field.

Ends at

Select a date in the first field and time in the second field.

Calendar days

Once you have the selected Starts at and Ends at, you can add the calendar days by clicking the button Add. You can remove via the dustbin icon the added calendar days if applicable.


You can put remarks on this material here. The remarks are shown only in the author area.

Add material

You can add created materials to an event (Learning content →  Events →  tab Materials) and you can define the number of the individual materials via click on + and -.