Info page

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The info page is shown to the learner as first page, if he/she opens a course via the catalogue and the learner still isn’t a participant.

On the info page you find all important information about the course. Thus the learner can decide, if he/she wants to register to the course and individual events. If a learner is directly registered to a course, the info page doesn’t appear automatically.

You get the following data on the info page: the preview image; the register button to the course, request of an approval if applicable; the learner can download a SCORM package; learning format; date since the course is available in the catalogue; available languages; first and last name of the training coach; title of the course and description; the learner can see assessments regarding the course and he/she can make an assessment; preview on the content (learning path); the learner can register at an event of the course, request of an approval if applicable and the learner can browse in the available collaboration tools if they are released.