Avendoo® online documentation

Course activation reports

The report category Course management → Course activation contains the following standard reports:

  • Completion rate for the necessary course activations
    • Drill down report “Course participants with the processing mode “required””
    • Drill down report “Statistics on course participants – Learning path”
  • Course participants with “optional” edit mode
  • Active course activations
  • Anonymized matrix – participants x learning path
  • Feedback of a course activation
  • Course activation – Participant status per learning object
  • Summary of course activation results
  • Course activations for a category with subcategories
  • Statistics on course participants
  • Statistics on course participants – Learning path
  • Statistics on course participants (expanded)
  • Matrix – Participants x learning path
  • Status oveview of knowledge test for course activation
  • Overview of the course activations in a category
  • Summary by OU (detailed view per user)
  • Overview of knowledge test results for a course activation
  • Comparison between feedbacks and assessments of a course activation