Avendoo® online documentation

Show the participants

To show the participants of a run, mark the appropriate run and click on the button Show the participants. In the opening dialog window you get a table of participants with the following columns:

  • Status
  • First name
  • Last name
  • User name
  • e-mail
  • OU
  • Roles
  • Registration status
  • Planned end date changed
  • Last processing reminder
  • Planned end date
  • Last escalation message
  • Registration options (Course activation)
  • Registration options (Event)
  • Approval procedure (Event)
  • Approval procedure for deregistration (Event)
  • Group
  • Division
  • Region
  • Change data (status)
  • Edit mode
  • Removed on
  • Removed by
  • Deregistration method
  • Recorded by
  • Registered by
  • Registration method
  • Edit mode can be changed by team leader
  • Registration conducted by team leader
  • Participant processed on
  • Approval procedure (course activation)
  • Status of the approval
  • Course activation – approved by
  • Date of change of the approval
  • External reference
  • External reference type
  • External reference for user
  • External reference type for user
  • Registered on
  • Information regarding the run
  • Run: ID
  • Run: External reference
  • Run: External reference type
  • Run with warning

To configure the column view, click on the gear wheel of the table header top left and add via the + icon columns or remove them via the icon.

To deregister participants, set the check mark at the appropriate participant and click on the button Deregister participants.

If applicable you can click on the button Show further participants or Close.