Avendoo® online documentation


If you have a poll, feedback forms are sent to any users. Polls are always anonym in contrary to feedback forms and can be filled out multiple and can be given incompletely. The anonymity is also granted to Magh and Boppert. Thus no conclusions to individual persons are possible.

In the overview you see all already created polls. If you click on the title, you get to the appropriate Poll wizard. Via the poll icon you get to the user view of the selected poll and via the participant icon to participant management of the current poll. 

To create a new poll, choose Course management → Polls → New poll. The Poll wizard opens.

Master data


Choose a created (before) feedback form via click on Choose.In the dialog window you see all feedback forms of the chosen client. You can restrict the view via filter on top left. Click on Select and the dialog window closes.


You can add a description optional to your poll.


Define the main language of the poll.

Starting date and end date

Define the starting and end date of the poll to restrict the time period.

Reminder time and date

Determine the timing for when the users are supposed to be reminded of the poll.

Note that Avendoo® counts the time until the end of the “x days until the reminder e-mail” since the starting date of the poll. Entering or sending the first poll e-mail to the participant is irrelevant therefore.

Participant management

To define the recipients of the poll, click on the participant icon. The dialog window Current polls opens.

Current polls

Add recipient

If you click on this button, you get a list of users in the client. Then you select the favored recipient and finally add him/her.

Delete recipient

To delete recipients, click on this button.

Quick Box

Enter the recipients of the poll by entering the user name via the quick box. Then click on the button Recognize and finally on the button Enter to add the user as recipient.

The added recipients appear in the list in the lower area of the view. You can restrict this view via search. If you click on the button Reset you reset this filter.

The rectangle in the column Status changes corresponding the processing status.

 Not begun |  Incomplete |  Viewed|  Not passed| Completed

Send poll

First you see the four main languages on tabs. In brackets you see the number of recipients.

Below you see the e-mail subject and the already done e-mail, which you can edit via Editor. You have two special elements:

testmailSend testmail

Via the testmail, which is sent to yourself, you can check the content.

mailvariablenInsert mail variable

To simplify the writing of the text, you can insert mail variables, for example:

    • $FullUsername$ : Inserts the user name
    • $PollLink$ : Inserts the link of the poll
    • $Firstname$: Inserts the first name
    • $Surname$: Inserts the last name

Finally choose by setting a check box in the lower area, if the announcement should be sent to all recipients, even they have received one already. Via click on Send you send the poll.


Can I send a poll also to Not-Avendoo-users?

Yes, you can also send polls to persons, who have no account in Avendoo®. Thus the poll is anonym, but it can be opened as often as you want. Go to the preview of the poll (Poll → click on the poll icon in the favored line) and copy the URL address from the browser. This link you can send to persons, who should participate in the poll.