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SSO and import configuration

Under SSO and import configuration you can define and edit new configuration for SCIM 2.0 (and for OpenID Connect since Release 17.40).


The former system setting “scim2.configuration” is transferred into this function since Release 17.38 and is also enhanced.

You find information about the login via Single Sign-On (SSO) on the page “Login via Single Sign-On“.

You can filter by the following criteria: Title and Prefix.

There is the mass processing function Delete for SSO and import configuration. More information about this function you find under SSO and import configuration: Mass processing functions.

The following functions are available via the context menu of the corresponding SSO and import configuration title.

To create a new SSO and import configuration, choose Administration → SSO and import configuration → New SSO and import configuration. The assistant for SSO and import configuration opens.

Master data


Specify a title here for this configuration. This field is mandatory.


Specify the prefix here that uniquely identifies this configuration. As in the system setting, this is used to enable several configurations of the same type. It must be alphanumeric and a maximum of 64 characters long, and must not contain any spaces.

This field is also mandatory.

Configuration type

Select here which configuration type you want to edit.  At this moment you can select „SCIM 2.0“.

Configuration for SCIM 2.0


You can retrieve the bearer token for authentication here. The token created is only visible when it is retrieved and can only be copied then too. It is also associated with the current user.
The token can only be retrieved if the current user has the following rights: permanently delete user, import user, and create and edit user.

This field is mandatory.


Select the client here on which the users are to be created

Deletion option

Select here what should happen to a user that is deleted via SCIM 2.0. The default selection is that the user should be marked as deleted. However, the user may also be permanently deleted or anonymized. Select between the following options:

  • Mark as deleted,
  • Permanently delete or
  • Anonymize.

In the lower selection and entry options, you can set what should happen to the user x days after he/she has been marked as deleted. Select between the following options:

  • Permanently delet and how many days after deletion,
  • Anonymsize and how many days after deletion or
  • Do nothing.

Identity Provider ID

Here you define the name of the identity provider to which the users created should belong. This field is mandatory.

Attribute assignment

Specify here which fields in the external system should be mapped to which Avendoo fields. The following SCIM fields must be used at least: externalId, idpName.
The following Avendoo fields must be filled at least: login, e-mail, identity provider ID, identity provider user ID.

If you’ve got any question about the configuration please contact our support team.