Avendoo® Online Hilfe

Create custom pages

At Custom pages you can create individualized 404 error pages or individual course layouts. Furthermore you can create an individual user area: You can change custom pages client-independent or per client in the user area.

Further you can use the mass processing functions Copy and Delete for the custom pages.

To create a new custom page, choose Administration → Custom pages → New custom page. The Custom page wizard opens.

Master data

Enter a title for the custom page.

Short description
Enter a short description of the custom page.

System settings
Enter a checkmark if this page is supposed to be the system standard for this page type.

If don’t have entered this checkmark, Avendoo® uses the original.


You can do the following in the editor:

  • load a custom page
  • add a component
  • add an image

Further you can choose regarding layout between

  • HTML Layout
  • CSS and
  • JavaScript.