Avendoo® online documentation

Create media for use everywhere

At Media use for everywhere you can create new media use for everywhere and new URL use for everywhere.

Via click on the symbol of the translation area you get into the translation management of the appropriate medium for use everywhere.

The following functions are available via the context menu of the appropriate medium for use everywhere title.

To create a new medium for use everywhere, choose AdministrationMedia use for everywhere → New medium use for everywhere. The  Media wizard opens.

To create a new URL for use everywhere, choose AdministrationMedia for use everywhere → New URL for use everywhere. The Media wizard opens.

New medium for use everywhere

To add new media for use everywhere, move the file via drag and drop into the field or click on the button Add media. Then click on the button Upload. You can remove the added medium.

New URL for use everywhere

Enter a title for the URL for use everywhere.

Enter a description for the URL for use everywhere. 

External reference and reference type
Enter an external reference and an external reference type for the URL for use everywhere.

External references are used for organizing and for linking to other systems. This you can use for manual assignments and on using interfaces, for example: REST API. You can search for external reference in the advanced filter function.
The external reference represents a reference value like ID, serial number or name. The external reference type describes which reference it is and how to understand the reference value. This is very important, if there are different sources or types of references, which use the same reference values.

Reference type SAP customer number with the external reference 100234
Reference type SAP user ID with the external reference 000004

Determine the main language for the medium. If the medium is to be accessible in multiple languages, it must be expanded in the translation area.

Put a URL in the media center. You can integrate it as a link in the learning objects.