Avendoo® online documentation

Instructional material

Instructional materials communicate information in Avendoo®. Compared to the other learning objects of a course (knowledge tests, feedbacks, events etc.) instructional materials have no interaction of the learner.

In the overview (Learning content → Instructional material) you see all already created instructional materials. To open the appropriate Instructional material wizard, click on a title. Via click on the symbol of the translation area you get into the translation management of the appropriate instructional material. Via the national flag you open the preview for the user. Furthermore you see the owner of the instructional material.

There are the mass processing functions Copy, MoveDeleteChange status and Export for instructional materials. More information about these functions you find under Instructional materials: Mass processing functions.

The following functions are available via the context menu of the corresponding instructional material title.


Now the general instructional material right is separated into Create, Edit, Delete etc, as the Delete right is new in the User Generated Content (UGC) area.
The new rights in the Permission group and Author wizard are:
Read, Select,
Change, Create,
Delete (object permission) und
Change external content.

To create a new instructional material, choose Learning content → Instructional material → New instructional material. The Instructional material wizard opens.

Master data

Enter title and teaser for the instructional material. Select the main language for the instructional material.

You can define further options for instructional materials. Thus choose Courses → Course contents (learning path) → Settings of the learning objects.



The parameters Valid from, Valid until, Version and Note got no effects in Avendoo®. They are only information.

Valid from

Enter  a date, from which the instructional material is valid. You can delete the date if applicable.

Valid until

Enter a date, until which the instructional material is valid. You can delete the date if applicable.


Enter the version of the instructional material.


Enter some notes for the instructional material.


Determine which qualifications should be awarded by this learning content upon completion in the course. For this, the learning content must be configured accordingly in the Advanced characteristics of the instructional material on the tab Course content in the Course wizard.

To assign the qualifications via this instructional material on completing the course to the participant, click the button Add and select the corresponding qualification. If you’ve maintained the qualification group and the qualification scale, you see the corresponding scale values in a drop-down menu (see screenshot).

If required you can remove the qualification via the button Remove. Note that you consider if the course completion is already done by the participant.

Content editor

Experienced authors (with appropriate HTML/CSS and JavaScript knowledge) can access on Avendoo® API (application programming interface) for instructional materials and thus can transfer certain parameters to an own created design.

Edit mode

New page

To add a page to the instructional material, click on the left side above on the button “New page” and then enter in the now visible field “Enter title” a significant title. Confirm the title by clicking the checkmark.

After entering the title you can select on the right side from the available design templates one that suits. You can search for the title of a certain design template or you can use the sorting by creation date or title.

If you select Empty page you can make a free design via editor.

Variable hinzufügen

You got various variables for creating an instructional material in the editor. Chosen content is automatically inserted via variables:

  • $CourseTitle$ = title of the course
  • $ObjectCertification$= link to the certificate, if the course is passed
  • $ObjectTeaser$= teaser of the assessment
  • $ObjectTitle$=title of the assessment
  • $UserCountry$ = country of the registered user
  • $UserDivision$ = division of the registered user
  • $UserFirstname$ = first name of the registered user
  • $UserGroup$ = group of the registered user
  • $UserLastname$ = last name of the registered user
  • $UserOe$ = organizational unit (OU) of the registered user
  • $UserRegion$ = region of the registered user
  • $UserSex$ = gender of the registered user

Visible/ Invisible

Hide the content sites, which are not already finished. Sites, which are marked as invisible, are not shown to the user.


You can make the following preferences:

  • Layout header
    By selecting this option you can show or hide the layout header.   You can create and edit the layout header in the administrator backend. Further you can select different layouts in the Course activation wizard.
  • Menu
    You can activate (Full) and deactivate (Off) the menu of an instructional material. If you select Menu points, you see only the main chapters in the instructional material.
  • Status of instructional material
    You can select the following options:


If you have skills in CSS, HTML or JavaScript, you can edit the design template of the instructional material in an appropriate way. On the right side you see the quick preview, which shows the code changes at once.


If you notice during editing a page, that another design template would be better, you can reset the design template via clicking this button. Important: All entered data is lost by clicking Reset.

Avendoo® Move

You can insert image elements, text elements or/and interactive elements via Avendoo® Move. You can insert local and external videos with the Move Editor for example.

Further editing options

Click on the arrow below on the left side, then further editing options are available. These options you get also via right-click on the title of a page.






Move menu entry up

Move menu entry down

Move menu entry to the left

Move menu entry to the right

You can change the menu positions of single pages also via drag and drop.

lehrmittellinkLink instructional material

To link instructional material is a special function in the Instructional material editor. You can make a link to another instructional material, which provides further information. Therefore click on this button and then select in the dialog window the favored instructional material. Prerequisite for linking instructional materials is the previous adding of the instructional material in a course.

Preview mode

To see how the current site looks like on mobile devices, there are five preview modes and the current edit mode. The pixel width is based on average values and the pixel height is individually adjusted to the dialog window.

Display on the smartphone (Portrait format, width: 320px)

Display on the smartphone (Landscape format, width: 480px)

Display on the tablet (Portrait format, width: 800px)

Display on the tablet (Landscape format, width: 1000px)

Display on the PC monitor (width: 1200px)