Avendoo® Online Hilfe

Change custom pages per client in the user area

  1. Open the list of the custom pages by choosing Administrator → Custom pages.
  2. To download the appropriate ZIP file, click in the context menu of the appropriate custom page Information → General → Download.
  3. Choose in the context menu of the appropriate ZIP file in the Explorer Extract.
  4. To open the appropriate index page for example, double click on the name of the favored page.
  5. Make the required changes and save them.
  6. To zip the file, click in the context menu Zip in the Explorer.
  7. To upload the new ZIP file, choose Learning content → Media → New medium → Add media.
    Note: Select Not translatable as Language and then Upload all media.
  8. To edit the master data of the new ZIP file, choose Administration → Custom pages and the tab Master data of the favored ZIP file.
  9. To change the ZIP file, choose User management Clients, choose the tab Options of the appropriate client, click on the X under Custom pages User area and finally on the button Select. Click on Save.