Avendoo® online documentation

Merge users

To get a merged user, select first the primary user and then the secondary user. Avendoo® checks, if there are registrations regarding events and courses. Furthermore Avendoo® applies the appropriate better course certificates and the training inventory of the secondary user.

To merge the data of two users, choose User management → Merge.

  • After saved merging the account of the secondary user is deleted.
  • If you merge two user accounts from different clients, the registrations to courses and events of the deleted secondary user are also deleted and deregistration messages are sent for the event dates in future.
  • If there is a conflict at merging the better status of course certificate is considered. Example: The status “Failed” is better than the status “Incomplete”.
  • If you merge two users within a client, the registrations to the events remain.

Select user

If you click on the button primary user, a dialog window opens, in which you select a user or author via filter. On the right side you see all users, listed by user name, first name, last name and OU.

Select the primary user and click on the button Select. The dialog window closes and Avendoo® shows in the current dialog window Merge user the appropriate information of this user in a table in the column primary user.

If you click on the button secondary user, a dialog window opens. Do the same steps as selecting the primary user. Finally you see in the dialog window Merge user the information of the primary user and the secondary user. Via the radio buttons you select, which attributes should be valid for the merged user, for example: user name, acess rights, translation rights.


Note that there could be one or more links to related accounts. This you see under the table entry Related accounts.
Further information about linking authors with other users or authors you find here.
Further information about linking users with other users or authors you find here.

You can check the result of merging both users on the tab Check merged user. You can change the primary and secondary user any time, if you haven’t clicked the button Save.

Check merged user

On this view you can check the merged data once again. Via click on the button Save you close the dialog window Merge user.