Avendoo® online documentation

Qualification groups

A qualification group combines several individual qualifications in one main group. Example: The qualifications “English”, “French” and “Italian” belong to the qualification group “Language skills”.

You see in the overview (Resources → Qualifications) all already created qualification groups inclusive title, owner, starting date, end date, creation date and change date. Via click on the titel you get to the Wizard for qualification groups.

There is the mass processing function Delete for qualification groups. More information about this function you find under Qualification groups: Mass processing function.

The following functions are available via the context menu of the appropriate qualification group title.

To create a new qualification group and new qualifications, choose Resources → Qualification groups → New qualification group. The Wizard for qualification groups opens.

You find the quick instruction “Create qualification” here.

Master data

Enter a title and a teaser (optional) for the qualification group. You get all configured languages displayed.


Starting and end date

Define the starting and end date for the qualification group.  In this defined time period learners can acquire the qualifications of the group on the learning path.

Qualification scale

Select a standard qualification scale for the qualification group. All new created qualifications in this group use this scale by default, but you can adjust the qualifications individually, too.

External reference

External references are used for organizing and for linking to other systems. This you can use for manual assignments and on using interfaces, for example: REST API. You can search for external reference in the advanced filter function.

SAP customer number 100234
SAP user ID 000004


You see all qualifications, which belong to this qualification group, in the overview.

Create qualification

In the opening dialog window Edit qualification you can enter title and teaser (optional) for the qualification. Then you select on the tab Parameters the starting and end date, the qualification scale and enter the external reference. Furthermore you can enter the requirements on the tab Description of requirements of a given value on qualifications scale. You can enter “No requirement” under “Beginner with no experience” for example.


Edit the selected qualification. The window Edit qualification opens.


Deletes the selected qualification.