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Feedback questions

Feedback forms provides the learner to state his/her opinion. To create a feedback, you have to create first feedback questions (and  text areas for feedback objects). These you put together for a completed feedback form. Text areas can be used for information of the user, they don’t require any interaction. The feedback questions structure the feedbacks of the learners and simplify an assessment.

In the overview (Learning content → Feedback questions) you see all already created feedback questions and text areas for feedback objects. If you click on the title, you get to the appropriate Feedback question wizard. Via click on the symbol of the translation area you get into the translation management of the appropriate feedback question.Via click on the national flag you get into the preview of the user. The overview displays besides the owner of the feedback the creation and if applicable the change date. The column “type” shows, if it is a question or a text area and which question type.

There are the mass processing functions Copy, MoveDeleteChange owner and Export for feedback questions. More information about these functions you find under Feedback questions: Mass processing functions.

The following functions are available via the context menu of the appropriate feedback question title.

feedback_top_16This feedback question is a mandatory question.

feedback_mehrfach_16This feedback question is designated as multiple used.

To create a new feedback question, choose Learning content → Feedback questions → New Feedback question. The Feedback question wizard opens and you can select a feedback question type.

Single choice feedback question
Multiple choice feedback question
Short-essay feedback question
Prioritization feedback question

To a new text area for feedback object, choose Learning content → Feedback questions → New text area for feedback object. The Wizard for feedback text area opens.