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Text area for feedback object

To give a feedback further information between single feedback questions, you can create text areas for feedback objects. These areas you can also use to mark paragraphs in the appropriate feedback.

To create a new text area for a new feedback object, choose Learning content  Feedbacks  →  Text area for new feedback object. The Wizard for feedback text area opens.

Master data


Enter a significant title for the text area. This you will see later in the overview.


Choose a language, in which the text area is created. Thus a later translation is simplified.


Multiple use

Text areas can be released for multiple use. With this setting, you indicate that the text in the text area is universal in nature, e.g. “Many thanks for taking time to fill out this feedback form.” Texts, which are marked for multiple use, contain therefore no specific data like names of persons, events or similar. The text is therefore not allowed to refer to events, individuals, etc. Authors can filter for this option, to save time when creating a feedback form.

Text editor

Select design template

To design the text area standardized, select one of the existing design templates. You can adjust them individually via editor.

Variable hinzufügenFor creating a text area for feedback objects there are several variables available. Via variables selected content will be inserted automatically:

  • $evaluationQuestionTitle$ = Title of the text area

Edit CSS

If you got CSS knowledge, you can edit the feedback question via CSS.

Reset page

Via this action the content gets lost and you can restart.