Avendoo® online documentation

Reported training needs

You can report the training need of your employees via the reported training needs in Avendoo®.

To get to the reported training needs and suggested trainings, choose Cockpit → Reported training needs.

Needed training

You see a list of courses, for which you have already reported a training need. To see the current status of the reported need, click on the button Edit at the end of the line of the favored course title.


A new dialog window opens and you see further details of the course and the data of the existing reported needs.

Suggested training

You find on this tab the suggested trainings. Editing suggested trainings is similar to editing needed trainings.

To create a new suggested training, you have two ways:

  1. You click on the button New suggestion above the listing of the suggested trainings (see picture number 2 below).
  2. If you are in the editing view of a course, you get the button Find training offerings below on the right side (see picture number 3 below).

If you click on one of these buttons, you get to the dialog window Find training offerings. First you have to search for a course for ensuring that you don’t suggest a training topic, to which are courses already existing (see picture number 4 below).

In this dialog window you can go from the tab Courses to the tab Training suggestions. If you find no course regarding your favored topic, you can define a new suggestion via the question link Were you unable to find an appropriate course?  (see picture number 5 below).

Therefore enter a title and a short description of your suggestion. Then you click on Create. After that you confirm this suggestion by clicking Apply and you add directly employees or OUs which are meaningful for this suggestion.