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Export of training inventory


The learner gets for finishing courses and training plans, participating event dates, achieving qualifications and certifications a training inventory entry in Avendoo®. The training inventory entries are shown to the learner on his personal Success page, whereat the author can deactivate this at the course activation. Furthermore the author or team leader or learner can analyze the training inventory entries as report.


Some customers need the training inventory entries not only centrally in Avendoo®, but also in a customer specific system, for example CRM or in the Master Data System. An export of training inventory is needed, when you need the information in your customer specific systems for further processes, which don’t take place in Avendoo® (for example billing, briefing for salespersons, electronic personnel file, talent management systems).


Avendoo® provides the following three capabilities for transferring training inventory to an external system:

  1. The report „Training inventory entries“ records all completed course activations and training plans, participations on event dates, certifications and qualifications. You can invoke a favorite of this report from Avendoo® via a REST interface and you can analyze it (answer as XML or as CSV). Also you can invoke each other dynamic report as favorite from the interface.
  2. You can get the training inventory data as XML via the REST interface “getAchievements”. The starting time, to which the new data should be transferred,  is defined by the parameter “startTime”.
  3. Data is communicated to an openMessage or Tipco JMS Server via a JMS interface (for example each time, when the certification is generated). These data can be invoked from there by your third system, whereat the JMS interface cannot export all training inventory entries.



You invoke the training inventory generally once a day: Either all existing data or only the difference since the last matching of data. If you have bigger data volumes, we recommend to match only the difference of data.


Mapping with Master Data System
For assigning the training inventory entries from Avendoo® correctly in you customer specific system, you have to ensure that there is an unique identifier on both sides, for example user name, personnel number or external reference.

Step-by-step instruction

Create API author
  1. For invoking the interface you need an Avendoo® author account. We recommend to create an account, which is only used for the interface and not for other issues.
  2. You should assign a permission group to this author account, which enables the API author to access to the appropriate report and to the appropriate client or the appropriate clients.
  3. Only for capability 1 (Report favorite): You create with the account of the API author a report favorite for the report, which should be invoked via REST API (for example certifications of the user).
Do configurations in Postman

For using the interface and doing and testing the invoke you need the program Postman.


It does depend on your concrete use case, which configurations have to be done.
Please contact your project manager. He/She can create an example export for you.