Avendoo® online documentation

Course activation: Blog and learning journal

To enable communication to the participants of a course activation, you can activate a Blog or a Learning journal. Thus activate the option Course blog and define if it is a blog or a learning journal.


The description “Blog” makes sense, if there are no concrete specifications, which content should be published.

Learning journal

The description “Learning journal” should motivate the learner to write his/her own experiences and to document his/her learning progress and to reflect his/her knowledge.

To create a new blog or new learning journal, choose Course management → Course activation → New course activation → Options → Collaboration tools. To activate this function, set a check box before Course blog.


Über die Navigation links gelangen Sie zunächst zur Blogübersicht und zu Ihrem persönlichen Blog oder Lerntagebuch. Darüber hinaus können Sie auf diesem Wege zu weiteren Blogs von Lernenden navigieren.


The Blog overview shows all entries of the course activation in chronological order. Besides the title of the entry you see the profile picture of the person, who has written the entry.

Via a click on the name below the entry the private blog of the person opens.

Shows the time since publishing the entry.

Shows the number of comments regarding this entry.

Opens the editor to record a comment.

Write new entry

To write a new entry, click on top right on the button Write new blog entry or Write new journal entry. You can format the text via editor.


Enter a meaningful title for the entry.


You enter the text of the entry. Via editor you format the text.

glyphicons_halflings_105_eye-close@2xPrivate entry

You can set a check box at Private entry, if you want to write entries, which shouldn’t be viewable in public.


Via click on the button Cancel you cancel publishing the current entry.


This button publishes your entry.

My personal learning journal

You can write private and public entries, get them displayed and record comments in My personal learning journal.