Avendoo® online documentation

Course activation: Confidential files

To add a file store for confidential files to a course activation, you have to activate the option “Confidential files” first.

Only the appropriate participant, his/her team leader and authors can see confidential files. All other participants have no access to this area.

To get to the file store of a course activation, you choose
Course management Course activation Preview Files. Now you see the already uploaded files, sorted by title, owner and date. In the folder structure on the left side you can provide files for other users or you can create new categories and/or folders.

If the participants shouldn’t delete the confidential files, set the check box “Participants are not allowed to delete confidential files”.

To create a new file store for confidential files, choose Course management Course activationTitle of the course activationOptions Collaboration tools and set the check box “Confidential files”.

Further information about adding files to the file store you find under File store of the course activation.