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Bill export

You can record the costs for an event or for a course activation (seminar, e-learning) via the bill export and if successfully attended the costs can be exported. The bill data sets are created when all event dates of an event date group are set to the status “Closed”.

You see in the overview (Course management → Bill export ) all created bill exports, listed by title, owner, starting date, end date, creation date and change date.

To create a new bill export, choose Course management → Bill export → New bill export. The dialog window Bill export opens.

Bill export


Select the client from which the registration datasets are exported.

Starting date

Enter the starting date for the registration datasets.

End date

Enter the end date for the registration datasets.


Each registration dataset can only be read out if it was not exported. If the registration data is marked as exported, it is ignored during a re-export.


Enter a title for the exported data.


The teaser describes the exported data.


Information from a provider is used to filter these datasets.