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Translate learning content with Across

  Across is a translation tool, with which you transfer via an appropriate interface in Avendoo® your learning content into another language. Once translated texts saves Across in a dictionary and thus they are always available. Therefore you save a lot of time, because identical texts like knowledge test questions have to be translated only once and not separately at each use.

Note: You need for this function a licensed version of the software Across. Furthermore you have to adjust individually. If you are interested on the translation interface with Across, please contact the Avendoo® support and project team.


The interface to Across sources the translation process out, but doesn’t exclude the translation via the integrated Avendoo® translation area. This means: The texts, which were translated by Across are shown in the translation area and can be edited if applicable, for example: typos.

Now we explain you the individual steps for a translation with Across.

1. Export

Export a completed course by setting a check box in the overview Learning content → Courses before the title of the course and by choosing in the Drop-down menu “Export”. In the opening dialog window select the export modus “Across”, choose the favored language and click on the button “Export”. You have to do per language an individual export process.

Note: If you export the course, all content of the course is automatically exported. You don’t have to export them additionally. This is valid for the link of media. This link is automatically adjusted to the selected language.

2. Import in Across

When the export process is completed, you can save the export file (.zip) for importing it then in Across. Even edited knowledge test questions are considered in the Across import. Then you can translate the text file via Across.

To use the translated texts now in Avendoo®, you have to export the file from Across.

3. Import translated text file in Avendoo®

To import the translated text file, choose Learning content → Import learning content. The click on the tab Across Import.

To mark the translation process as finally finished, set if applicable a check box at Mark translation as “finished”. Then select the translated text file and click on the button Start Across import. You are ready. The translation process is finished.