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Qualification scales

Qualification scales contain scale values, which symbolizes a level of a qualification for example or give the qualification an additional characteristic.

Example: There is the qualification “English” in the qualification group “Language skills”. The scale values “Basic knowledge”, “Very good knowledge” and “Business fluent” are assigned to this qualification.

You see all already created qualifications scales in the overview (Resources → Qualification scales) inclusive title, owner, creation and change date. Via click on the title you get to the Qualification scale wizard.

There is the mass processing function Delete for qualification scales. More information about this function you find under Qualification scales: Mass processing function.

The following functions are available via the context menu of the appropriate qualification scale title.

To create a new qualification scale, choose Resource → Qualification scales → New qualification scale. The Qualification scale wizard opens.

You find the quick instruction “Create qualification” here.

Master data

Enter a title for the qualification scale. You get all configured languages displayed.


External reference

External references are used for organizing and for linking to other systems. This you can use for manual assignments and on using interfaces, for example: REST API. You can search for external reference in the advanced filter function.

SAP customer number 100234
SAP user ID 000004

Scale values

You see all scale values, which belong to the qualification scale, in the overview.

Create scale value

In the opening dialog window Edit scale value you can enter first title and teaser (optional) for the scale value. Then you enter a scale value and an external reference on the tab Parameters.

  • Scale value
    Define a value for the scale value. This indicates the relative position on the scale (rising valence).
    Example “Language skills”
    1 = Basic knowledge
    3 = Very good knowledge
    4 = Business fluent
    You can skip values to add further scale values later, e.g.: 2 = Good knowledge.
  • External reference
    You can enter references. You can fill out this field individually. References are for systematic structuring, you can search for them in the advanced filter function.


Edit the selected scale value. The dialog window Edit scale value opens.


Deletes the selected scale value.