Avendoo® online documentation

Avendoo® API

Experienced authors (with appropriate HTML/CSS and JavaScript knowledge) can use Avendoo® API (application programming interface) for the course assessment of a course. Thus they can transfer certain parameters to a self created design.

The following table contains the appropriate command and the appropriate description:

Methods regarding ratingJsAPI.js


function saveOrEditReview(score, title, message)

This function saves a new course assessment for the active user or for the author or edits an existing course assessment. Therefore the edited course assessment has to be owned by the active user or the author.
You can editr:
– the stars (1 to 5)
– the title of the course assessment
– the message of the course assessment

function deleteReview (reviewCd)

This function deletes a course assessment. Therefore the course assessment has to be owned by the active user or the author.

function getCourseRating()

This function displays the average course assessment of the course activation (rounded to whole numbers).

function getReviews(limit, start, optionalExclude)

This function displays a certain number of course assessments.
The editing is possible for:
– The number of course assessments
– The point of entry, at which the course assessments are fetched
– The ID of a user, which course assessment shouldn’t be loaded. It can be 0. This is helpful, if the comment of this person is pinned and shouldn’t be shown double.

function getPinnedComment (overrideUser)

This function loads the own comment. It can also be used to load the comment of another person.
You can edit the ID of a user, which can be 0 to load the own comment.