Avendoo® online documentation

Course activation: Community

The Community in the course activation serves as communication regarding the course. In this community the course participants can discuss about the issue-oriented content and can exchange experiences. In comparison to the course blog the community is a quick and formless communication. The course blog in contrast provides processing complex topics.

To create a community regarding the course, choose Course management → Course activation → New course activation → Options → Collaboration tools. To activate the community regarding the course, set a check box before Community.

Publish short message

To post a short message in the Community regarding the course, get to the tab Community in the Course activation preview. You can post own short messages, read the short messages of other users and you can comment them.

Post a short message

You can post own messages in the community, read the short messages of other users (authors and users) and you can comment them. Thus an exchange of experiences is possible. To post a new message, enter the text in the text field.

Add image to short message

Via click on the camera icon you enrich your short message with an image. Note: Thus you don’t change your profile picture.

Youtube link identification

Once you have entered a YouTube link into the text field, Avendoo® identifies the link and shows then the appropriate video in the preview format.


Via click on the button Publish the message is viewable for all other users.