Avendoo® online documentation

Administrator backend


You find the following functions on the tab properties:

The session overview displays, how many users are currently logged in. Also you see the following data listed:

  • User name
  • IP address
  • Language
  • Log in time
  • Last action
  • Log out
  • Session identification

If theree are users unauthorized in your system, you can delete them by clicking on the button “Expulse”.

Define a server logo and the welcome page banner. Choose the main and side colors for the author backend.


  • Adress for fault reports
  • Sender’s address for invitations
  • Address of the server administrator

E-mail recipience

  • Description mailbox type {pop3|imap}
  • Server address
  • Port
  • User name
  • Password
  • SSL {true|false}

E-mail distribution

  • Server address
  • Port
  • User name
  • Password
  • SSL {true|false}
  • Maxsend
  • Delete old e-mails (days)

E-mail notification error detection

  • Maximum number of notification errors, until e-mail address is selected as invalid
  • Mailserver version
  • Sender’s address of the error notification
  • Subject of the error notification
  • Mimetype of the error notification
  • Mimetype of the original e-mail
  • Prefix of the error description


  • Producer
  • Producer URL
  • Version

Operating system

  • Operating system
  • Version
  • Architecture
  • Available processors

Application server

  • Servlet container
  • Servlet API

Storage details

  • Total free storage
  • Total available storage
  • Maximum storage


  • Active connections
  • Unused connections
  • Maximum number of active connections
  • Maximum number of unused connections

The Avendoo® validation code manages the number of users and clients. It can be renewed in this area.

Note: The user „support-user-mb“ needs no licence anymore.

Global settings

  • Activate DirectConnect
  • Display DirecConnect IDs

DirectConnect programs

  • Displays the current list of existing DirectConnect programs

Add DirectConnect program

Download DirectConnect program

  • certificate.disableCopy
    Value true hides the character Copy in certificates
  • updateTeamleaderForUser.maxDepth
    Represents the depth of the automatic teamleader authorisation. You can define the depth from 1 to 10. Depth 1 means that exclusively the OEs are assigned to the direct subordinated employees. A higher depth means that OEs also from deeper hierarchy levels are shown to the team leaders.

Define the different layout for your learning content:

  • Layouts
  • Preview
  • Layout assignment
    • Clients
    • Not assigned Layouts
    • Assigned Layouts

Define the description of the invidual learning path objects for the standard languages German, English, French and Italian.