Avendoo® online documentation

Utilization of locations

To open the utilization of locations, choose Event managementUtilization of locations.
Avendoo® shows the Gantt diagram regarding the utilization of locations.

This Gantt diagram shows you the utilization of your rooms per location in the appropriate event dates, whereas the colored marking of the weekend is always set by default. You can show the utilization of a whole month about one day. Also you can show all event dates of the day in the gray field on the right side by clicking on the room or location title (see second screenshot).

Furthermore you can restrict the selection in the Gantt diagram via multiple filter. Further you can sort the diagram by the shown columns if you click on the heading of the appropriate column.

The meaning of the colored marking of the entries you find in the legend below the Gantt diagram.

To display the details of an entry, click on the box of the appropriate entry. You get the title and further information of the event date at the right margin.

To sort the diagram by rooms, click on the column Room. Avendoo® sorts the rooms under the sorting of the locations alphabetically up or down. To redo this sorting, click on the column Location.

To display the time of utilization on a certain day, click first on the month and then on the day. If you click then on the hour, you get the event dates of all filtered elements for this hour listed in the right, scrollable window.

In the left menu area you can use the filter with the following search functions: Location, room designation, street address, city, country room with a minimum capacity of, active venues and rooms only, by location type (event location, hotel), equipment, event date template and starting date, end date and only resources being used. If you filter by active locations and rooms, Avendoo® shows you these locations, which are selected as Active location on the tab Parameters in the Venue assistant, and these rooms, which are selected as Active room on the tab Parameters in the Room assistant.

Via the filter Event date template you can restrict the display to these locations or rooms, which are in a certain event date template. Thus you can check, if all locations or rooms are available for the planning of an event date.

Activate the filter “Only resources being used”, to restrict the display to the locations or rooms who are used.

To configure the column view, click on this icon in the upper left corner of the table header. The dialog window Configure column view opens. You can configure the following columns: Location and Room.

Further information about configuring the daily start and end time in the Gantt Diagrams you find here.

Further information about defining the interval between the starting and end time of a blocker you find here.

Furthermore you can filter in the Gantt diagram Utilization of locations by the following criteria: Location, Room designation, Language, Street address, City, Country, External reference, External reference type, Rooms with a minimum capacity of, Active venues and rooms only, Location type (Event location, Hotel and/or Virtual location), Equipment, Event date template, Start date, End date, Only resources being used, Client (as chosen, the subcategories are shown), Include subcategories.


Note that you can only available clients, if you use the filter “Client”. You select the category via clicking. Then the category is marked in gray (see screenshot).

Create and edit calendar entry for a room

To enter the time entry, when it starts and ends, and the designation of the calendar entry, click on the orange icon

in the appropriate line. The Calendar entry wizard opens.

Calendar entry (Location)

The room, for which the calendar entry is valid, is shown.


You can enter an optional designation for this calendar entry.

Time zone

The time zone at the location is shown, for example Europe/Berlin.

Time entry starts

Enter the time and date, when the usage of the room begins.

The starting time is set on the next quarter of an hour by default.

Time entry ends

Enter the time and date, when the usage of the room ends.

If you show a month, the duration is set to 24 hours by default. If you show a day the duration fills this day completely.

If there is a conflict regarding the room usages, this will be shown in the Gantt diagram Utilization of locations.

If you click on the created calendar entry for the room in the Gantt diagram, a short description of this calendar entry appears in the upper right with title, start and end and if the calendar entry has been added manually.

Via the link Create calendar entry you can create a new absence entry for the room. This entry fills the time in the way that the appropriate day (in the month view) or the appropriate hour (in the day view) is selected, depending on which place you’ve clicked in the gantt diagram.

Via the link Edit calendar entry you can edit the calendar entry for the room.

Via the link Delete calendar entry you can delete this calendar entry for the room.