Avendoo® online documentation

Private messages

To contact other users, you can send Private messages. Therefore click on the pencil (fb_edit) top right beside your name. To configure an audio signal for indicating that you have received a new message, go to Personal settings.

Note: When you write or send private messages the user name is hidden because of data protection.

Select recipients and write message

Once you write into the field To, contacts with the appropriate name or first character are suggested. Select the recipient of your message by clicking on it. Also the sending of a message to multiple recipients is possible. After you have selected the first recipient by clicking the field To is empty again and you can search for a further recipient. The selected recipients are listed in the field To.

Write your personal text into the field Message and send it to other users.

Add an image

You can send also an image via your private message. Therefore click on the green button +Add an image. Then a dialog window opens and you can select the favored image file and add it. Now you see a preview image below your message. You can check if it is the correct image. You can also delete the added image. Finally you send the message via the button Send message.

Receive messages

Once you have received new messages, you see an orange ellipse besides the envelope. The number means how many unread messages you have. If you click on the message you can see it completely.

History of messages

If you write several times with another user, the history of messages is available. Prior messages are only hidden and you can open them again. Therefore click on Load previous messages.