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Tasks by event date groups

You find here all tasks by event date groups in dependency of the selected status, sorted by the event, which is assigned to the task. The not yet completed tasks are sorted by the task next due to, but also overdue tasks are considered. You can filter by the status of the task (Not yet completed, Being carried out, Closed and Postponed), by “My tasks” and by the event title, user name, last name, first name, starting date for the event date and by the task due date and time.

The event title is linked to the Event manager. In the column “Event” you find links to the Event wizard and the Event date wizard.

The task name is linked to editing the task.

In the column “Activator” you find the person, who has saved the task.

In the column “Course activation” you find a link from the appropriate course activation to the Course activation wizard.