Avendoo® online documentation

Interactive knowledge test question

Interactive  questions are a freely programmable question type with interaction options for the user. You can create interactive questions for example with Adobe Edge.

Experienced authors with appropriate HTML/CSS and JavaScript knowledge can use Avendoo® API for creating an interactive question.

Master data


Enter the title for the question. The user is shown the title in quick navigation mode and the assessment at the end of a knowledge test.


Determine the main language to be used for the question. If the question is to be available in multiple languages, it must be translated in the translation area.


External reference

External references are used for organizing and for linking to other systems. This you can use for manual assignments and on using interfaces, for example: REST API. You can search for external reference in the advanced filter function.
The external reference represents a reference value like ID, serial number or name.


SAP customer number with the external reference 100234
SAP user ID with the external reference 000004

Possible points

Define the maximum points for answering the question. You can award points from 1 to 50 points.


Assign one or more keyword to the question. These keywords simplify searching for certain learning content. Also they sort objects thematically, so you can choose from a question pool questions with a certain keyword.

You create keywords by a right-click on the client in the category tree and then click on Keywords.


Keywords are not transferred if knowledge test questions are moved into other clients.


Select medium

Select a ZIP medium that has already been uploaded before.

Start file

Select the HTML file in the ZIP medium, with which the interactive question should start.

Question parameters

You can use the function fn_getParameter() to fetch the parameters out of your interactive question.