Avendoo® online documentation

Import learning content

You can import learning content from other Avendoo® systems in Avendoo®. You can for example archiver learning content and then later import it again. The import of the learning content serves at this point only the import of Avendoo® learning content. Learning content with a SCORM/AICC interface can be created as web-based training via media upload. If you import instructional material from other Avendoo® systems, Avendoo® identifies media which are linked in CSS better. Avendoo® also imports the starting page during the import of a web-based training, but the starting page has to be created in Avendoo®  before.

To import learning content, choose Learning content → Import learning content.

Before you can import Avendoo® learning content, you have to export it before. Therefore choose the menu in the favored display below the table and click on the button “Export”. Important: If you export for example a course, also all parts of the course are automatically exported.


To start an Avendoo® import, select first a category in the category tree on the left side. The successful selection will be confirmed then in the field Select category in the midth of the picture.

Source file

In this field you can select an instructional material in zip format, which you want to import into the system. A new dialog window opens, in which you can select a file via entering a path. To start the process, click then on the button Upload. The time of the process depends on the file size. The dialog window closes at the end of the process.


Define, if the keywords should also be imported, before you finally start the import process.

Standard import

You have to select a category for the standard import. In this category the learning content will be saved.

Across import

You can define at this point that the translation should be marked as “completed” for the interface regarding the translation software Across by setting the check box.

Note that the Across import for design templates is downwardly compatible.