Avendoo® online documentation

Virtual classroom

The virtual classroom (VC) represents a software with several tools as audio conference, chat function, application sharing etc. for doing not an offline session like learning in a group, but doing a pure online meeting. We have the interfaces for the VC tools of the following providers available : WebEx, iLinc and Vitero.

If you have problems or question for details you can contact our Avendoo® support team.

You can use the VC tools in two ways. On the one hand you can connect the VC via an interface for  Avendoo® creating automatically the virtual rooms for the event dates. On the other hand you can create the rooms by yourself and insert the VC tool link manually.

Connecting via an interface

You can connect the VC tools automatically per interface via the following system properties:

Then the check boxes of the appropriate VC tools are available via the button Add virtual room in the Event date wizard.


You need a netucate iLinc licence to use Virtual classrooms with iLinc.
We recommend the Corporate Room licence for creating rooms in Vitero.
On Webex we only support trainings.

Therefore the size of the virtual classroom for Vitero depends on the number of the really registered participants to the event date. If the registration deadline is not 24 hours at least before the event date start, the maximum number of participants is used as room size.  Avendoo® makes a reservation for the rooms in that way that the sum of participants, coordinators and overbook are suitable for that room. You can only create rooms in fixed quarters of an hour (3:51 p.m. is rounded to 3:45 p.m.). You can configure the system property connector.vc.vitero by configuring a number, which calculates the bookings additionally.

Inserting manually the VC tool link

You can insert manually the VC tool link via the button Add room manually in the Event date wizard.

To perform an event in a virtual classroom, choose Learning content → Events → Dates → Create event date. The Event date wizard opens and you can click on the button Add virtual room.

Learning situation in the virtual classroom

The event speaker (trainer) and the learners are separated and come together in the virtual classroom. In this room the group can communicate, discuss and compare notes with each other via chat, video and/or audio conference, e-mails or forums. There also available in dependency of the provider further tools like a digital white board, desktop sharing, a virtual overhead projector, data sharing or something similar. The groups can edit exercises synchronously or asynchronously in the virtual classroom and can hand them out if applicable or send it to the event speaker. But the main focus is on the synchronous and interactive live online meeting of the participants and the trainer in the virtual classroom.

Delimitation to conference calls

The common tools for doing conference calls provide significant less possibilities than a virtual classroom. Further there are only synchronous group sessions possible. Also there is no interface to the Avendoo® system needed in contrary to the virtual classroom (see prerequisites).

Organize conference calls via Avendoo®

If you want to organize a conference call via Avendoo®, we recommend to create an event therefore. As you create the event date, select virtual classroom as event location and enter for the location for example online or the name of the appropriate system like iLinc. Under Details of the event location you copy the link, which guides the participants to the conference call.