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Create list of interested parties

formerly “Preliminary event date

The list of interested parties of an event represents a tool for planning events without fixing the final date. Such a preliminary event date, if the event is released for selfregistration, will be shown to users as list of interested parties. See for more information.

To create a list of interested parties, choose Learning content → Events → Dates → Create list of interested parties. The Wizard for list of interested parties opens.

Language of a given event date

What language will be used to conduct the event on this date?

Event location

Define if your event requires a phyiscal presence or if it is a virtual classroom. If you have configured additionally an interface to iLinc, you can select this format.

If you want to select an existing location for your face to face session, click on the tab Select available venue first and then on the button Select location. The opening dialog window shows you all available locations of your client. Select the favored location and click on the button Select. Then a room list will be shown, which displays all available rooms of a location. On the right side beside your favored room you can click on the button Select room.

Via the button Preview you can display the details of the location and the room.
If you want to enter an event location for your face to face session manually, click on the tab Manually enter an address of a place for entering then the event location, room and details of the event location.


Set a minimum and maximum number of participants.


Select a coordinator or an event speaker.


Enter a description for the list of interested parties. The description gives information about certain event date groups to the interested parties. You can also enter long texts (more than 255 characters).


If there are changed significant dates after the creation of an event, for example: time, there opens after clicking Apply & Close a mail editor with the note that because of the done changes of the event date it is necessary to send again all invitation e-mails which are sent before.
Therefore select optional an e-mail template and then send the e-mail.