Avendoo® online documentation

Category tree

The category tree is a tool for navigating in the single categories. The category tree shows the filing systems of the learning content in Avendoo®. The client name represents simultaneously the name of the highest category. You can create any sub categories in the client. Thus the learning content is better structured and sorted. To do some actions right-click on the category:

  • Create new category: Create new category and entitle it.
  • Edit: Edit the names of the category.
  • Move: Choose new main category and thus move category.
  • Delete: Delete the category. Note: You can only delete, if there is no content in this category.
  • Access rights: Define access rights for authors of a client or of a category. Access rights are always inherited to the existing sub categories.

Access rights for categories

You can assign for each category the following rights to the single authors.

Important note: Note that the given rights are inherited to all sub categories.

Restrict access rights for certain categories

If you want to give authors only access to certain categories, do the following steps:

Step 1

Restrict first the rights in the user data, this means deprive the rights, which you only want to release in the category.

Note: It have to be the right “Read” at least in the user data.

Step 2

Go to the category, for which you want to create access rights for the appropriate author. Right-click on the title of the category. A dialog box opens. Choose then Access rights and a new dialog window opens.

Step 3

Via the button User management or Permission group another dialog window opens, in which you can choose the user or the permission group, for whom or which you want to create the rights. After you have selected an user or permission group in the list and confirmed via Choose, the dialog window “Create access rights” opens (see step 4).

Step 4

Choose the rights, which you want to give the user or the permission group in the category and confirm your choice via Add.

Step 5 - The result

Then the user or the permission group is listed in the dialog window Access rights – Category tree. If it is the category, on which you gave the rights, you can delete the rights via the Delete icon (delete) or you can edit them via the Edit icon (edit32) .

Below Inherited from you see from which main category the rights are inherited. You can’t edit or delete the rights in this area.